June OFSTED Notice

Dear Parent/ carer    

Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) are conducting a joint evaluation of the arrangements to inspect local area SEND provision and Brent have agreed  to contribute to this work. They are conducting research to evaluate their  own inspection policy and practice.

As part of this review, they are conducting a series of visits to different local areas to identify strengths with the current framework, identify areas for improvement and practical ideas for change and to support Ofsted and the CQC with developing a new framework. We very much welcome your involvement in these visits. They have chosen Brent as one of the local areas they are visiting.

Visits will comprise of one of Her Majesty’s Inspectors and one CQC inspector and will be carried out on 18 and 19 June 2019, by Paul Wilson and Elizabeth Fox. Visits are expected to last for 2 days and will involve discussions with staff who were involved with the last LA SEND inspection as well as talking with parents and carers.

Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission are evaluating the way in which they inspect local area SEND. They would like to invite parents and carers to comment on their approach to inspection and how they could improve it.

There will be  a focus group with parents and carers from Brent local area on  Wednesday  19th June at 10-11am  at Brent Civic Centre  Board room 5    

The inspectors will be there as researchers, collecting evidence from parents and carers on how effectively they inspect and report on:   If you are interested in attending this meeting please call Carol Foyle on 07852101492

Areas of discussion

  • how local areas identify the needs of children and young people with SEND
  • how local areas meet the needs of these children and young people so that their outcomes and chances of participating fully in society improve.

During this evaluation, the inspectors will collect information about children and young people in the area. They will be looking at local area records, speaking to area officers and speaking to parents or carers. No names will be recorded, but some of the information collected may be capable of identifying a particular child, young person or adult. Ofsted and CQC will use this information to prepare a report and for the purposes set out in their privacy notices. No information will be published that identifies any individual in the inspection report.

Here is the letter received.

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